Alex Porter Physiotherapy is proud of the comments and feedback we receive. Below are some of our comments, more can be found on our facebook page and on Google reviews.

James, Hockey forward

“After seeing a few physiotherapists and making small only small improvements I saw Alex. Alex was brilliant, he understood completely what was wrong and I now am back to playing hockey.“

Matthew, Triathlete

“I’ve seen numerous physio’s over the years, for all kinds of sports related injuries; and can honestly say Alex understands the problems, treats them and provides remedial exercises as well as anyone. He seems to have cleared up a chronic hamstring injury that prevented me completing any one of 5 triathlons last year“

Catherine, 26

“Thank you for helping cure my groin pain. After a quick search for Physiotherapy in Ruislip I found Alex and it was so convenient that he was able to see me at my home. He only needed two acupuncture treatments and the pain completely went“

Simon L

“Just had the fantastic news that I have now been signed off by my consultant after a lot of hard work alongside Alex in my rehabilitation. Would recommend to anyone“


“Alex was unfortunately unable to help me as I needed to have surgery, however, he was honest and directed me to the right people and I am extremely grateful“

Saraswathy, Back pain

“Within 2 sessions my pain had nearly completely gone, and Alex provided me with exercises to keep doing on my own which is helping my rehab“

Steven and Angela

“My Dad had a stroke several months ago and wasn’t getting as much physiotherapy through the NHS that we would have liked so Alex really helped give the confidence for him to improve his walking“

Kate, Mum

“My son was diagnosed with hypermobility and autism, Alex helped provide exercises and fun games we could play at home to help. Bailey loved his physio sessions“

Andrew, Tennis Player

“Thank you Alex for getting me back to playing Tennis. When I first saw Alex I had been struggling with tennis elbow for months, now I can barely feel it“

Hannah, 38, Runner

“I had been struggling with foot pain for ages after starting running for the first time in many years. I had been to see a couple of people before who hadn’t really helped. Alex helped explain to me what may have been causing the problem, helped advise me on new orthotics and specific exercises to help strengthen the muscles around my foot. He also liaised with my Doctor who had referred me for an X-ray. Thank you Alex“

Mark, Works for the Emergency Services

“I work for the emergency services and whilst working suffered a serious motorcycle injury with multiple rib, shoulder and arm fractures resulting in a month in hospital. I underwent a two week residential intensive physiotherapy rehabilitation program with work. On leaving they advised me to seek private physio until my return 10 weeks later. My first meeting with Alex filled me with confidence as he was quickly able to establish the condition I was in and what I needed to do in order to progress. After the session he set me a program and did not try to enrol me for further sessions. However I continued to engage his services for the following weeks feeling the benefit and observing the continual progress. On return to the rehabilitation center after examination by the senior physiotherapist they said “Mark it’s like seeing a different person“. After that I no longer needed physiotherapy just a structured exercise program. My friends and colleagues could not believe my progress from my injuries. I cannot express enough my thanks to Alex for his skill, attitude and overall professionalism. Mark“